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Did you know that your website can help your company “Go Green”?!

Wednesday, March 18th, 2009

As I’m sure most of you are aware, there is a big push for businesses to practice environmentally sustainable practices; recycle, use less paper, focus on efficiency, etc.

Did you know that your website can help you with almost all of these and more?

Use less paper

Online Forms

Paper forms -> Online forms

By putting your most often used forms online and having them accessible to your clients allows them to only be printed when needed, rather than having copies printed and lying around the office in boxes collecting dust.

Having your forms online also gives you the ability to have auto-fill (also referred to as interactive or fill-able) forms that your clients can type in the fields at home before the appointment/meeting and print out the filled in form at home. The benefit to this method is that it saves time and guarantees legibility.

Email Campaigns

Newsletters -> Email Campaigns

Do you currently employ a direct mail marketing campaign? Do you mail out quarterly newsletters? Would you like to know instantly if either of the two aforementioned campaigns have results or if your audience is even reading them?

Email campaigns can be relatively low cost and eco-friendly alternatives to direct mail campaigns. With direct mail you pay for the design, printing, paper, mailing and if you don’t do a mail-ready piece you also pay for the envelope. With Email campaigns you pay for the design, and if chosen; the email campaign service (CoolerEmail, Constant Contact) which is usually a low monthly fee. These services are a necessity if you are planning on sending the information to more than 100 clients.

Office Memos

Office Memos -> Emails and other options

Turn office memos into internal emails. Setting up an exchange server or using programs that provide the same services (shared contacts, calendars, email lists) can vastly improve workflow and cut down on the amount of pwper used. Social networking sites like Twitter can actually be used to a businesses advantage by posting big events for the day (Nike meeting, Company BBQ, etc.) it serves as a reminder for the people involved and improves search engine rankings if correctly implemented into the website.

Office Memos

Press Releases -> Blog

Blogs have a multitude of uses, one of which is to serve as an RSS feed for press releases. Anytime something of note happens to your company it should be added to the blog and categorized as a press release. Other great uses for blogs can be simply informing your customers of products, services, deals and changes within the company.

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